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This Website is for SuperMotard and SuperMoto enthusiasts created by SuperMotard and SuperMoto enthusiasts!

Anthony Bradford is the Webmaster, e-mail Anthony at majestic@majestic-quartz.com for any web related issues. We know, we know, it is a strange E-mail address, It is his work one and is the only way to get the buggers attention!

Mark Collier is the Chief Honcho Editor in charge of content, so blame him for typo's and such ;-) E-mail Mark at editor@supermotard.co.nz

Our aim with this Website is to increase SuperMotards profile and provide a useful information portal for existing and soon to be SuperMotard Riders in New Zealand!

Is it SuperMotard or SuperMoto???

Ahhh, the eternal question! There seems to be no hard and fast rules here, so we will when ever possible use these rules...If we use the term "SuperMoto", we are referring to racing being held on both road race and dirt bike sections a la The Word SuperMoto series. For racing on road race circuits only and general road riding we will use the term "SuperMotard" Where an article is relevant to both, we will default to the term SuperMotard.

More Info

Watch for major updates to the site with such articles as how to build your very own SuperMotard bike. This article will cover bikes destined only for the road, right on up to full blown race bikes!

Both Mark and Anthony would like to take the time to thank Malcom Hanson for securing the www.supermotard.co.nz web address and starting the Website, Malcom, you da man! Malcom is currently in Australia, so we maybe able to get him to give us some hot off the press reports on the Australian scene!

SuperMotard is a new sport to New Zealand with the 1st official race being run at Taupo in April 2002. This event was organized by Kiwi Rider's Todd Sutherland with great support from Suzuki New Zealand. A surprisingly large group of "loose" individuals turned up on bikes ranging from straight dirt bikes complete with knobblies to full blown pukka SuperMotard bikes! A great time was had by every body that attended, yes even by Anthony who managed to crash no less than 4 times!!! The event had all and sundry baying for more events! Todd and suzuki New Zealand duly obliged with another 2 events at Taupo which proved SuperMotard is the new rising star of New Zealand Motorsport.

New Zealand is ideally suited for this type of sport and we foresee an explosion of SuperMotard bikes on the NZ scene, complete with riders sporting grins permanently glued to their faces!

A Brief Study In History

SuperMotard itself originates from a concept in the early 80's in the US where they wanted to pit the best motorcycle talents from different disciplines (TT racers vrs roadracers vrs speedway riders vrs motocrossers etc.) for TV. Bruce Cox and Gavin Tripp approached the manufacturers and said will you build us these special machines and put your best riders on them if we can give you a 20 million plus audience? The manufacturers agreed and 'The Superbikers' were born.The Yanks dropped the concept after a few years but are now picking it up again. The French however picked up on what the Americans had called "Superbikers" and called it "Supermotard" a litaral translation. The Europeans have been 'doing it' ever since.

2002 saw the beginning of the World 'Supermoto' Championship with a round having being run in Aussie in November 2002.

New Zealand's 1st SuperMoto Race

So, Who is New Zealand’s best ‘motorcycle racer’ ? On the 27 April 2002 ‘Supermoto 1’ was run at Taupo’s Centennial Park raceway. The BikeMart promoted event saw some of the best riders in the country fighting for supremacy. Motocrosser (and former World Champion) Shayne King won 2 from 3 to take the days honors with road racer Stephen Briggs winning the day’s final race

We are the champions!

Champions of many of the sports disciplines were represented. Darrin Wilson (speedway #530) leads Shayne King (motocross), Stephen Briggs (road race #18), Tony Rees (road race #50), Mark Whyte (enduro # X), Jason McEwen (road race #37), Simon Turner (road race #46). In the Suzuki Supermoto ‘Clash of the Codes’ at the later August 4 meeting motocross took out the teams award.

Bike Mart Supermoto Champions. Roll of honour.

2009 Davide Gozzini / TM /Cemetery Circuit (S1-450cc tarmac only)

2008 Toby Summers / Yamaha / Cemetery Circuit (S1-450cc tarmac only)

2007 Toby Summers / Yamaha / Cemetery Circuit(S1-450cc tarmac only)

2006 Toby Summers / Yamaha / Cemetery Circuit (S1-450cc)

2005 Toby Summers / Yamaha / Meremere (S1-450cc)Class champions: SmOpen:Stephen Briggs/ KTM. S2:Dave Atchison/ Yamaha.

2004 Stephen Briggs /KTM. Class champions: S2:Brent Symes / Honda. S3:Greg Smith / Honda. S4: Russell Josiah / Suzuki

2003 Nigel Healey /KTM Class champions: S2:Shaun Bourke/ Yamaha. S3:Mark Whyte/ Suzuki. S4: Dean Mabey/ Yamaha

2002 Shayne King /KTM

To The Future!

We will endeavor to keep this site content fresh and up to date. Please feel free to E-mail us your suggestions or even articles pertaining to the SuperMotard/SuperMoto scene.

Remember now, ride hard and fast doing the SuperMotard blast!

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