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First off here is the Supermotard New Zealand forum link. This is for you to discuss amougst other like minded individuals anything of interest. Tyres to use, what it has cost you to get going....If you have any new subjects that you'd like to table. Send an email to the editor.

Racers, here is a link to our Events newsletter. We'll let you know when new events (or series) have been put on the site. All email address are kept totally private. and if you want to unsubscribe you just write unsubsribe in the subject line and email us at editor@bikemart.co.nz.

The links listed here are broken down into categories. Motard Sites, Manufacturers, Motard parts suppliers, NZ Dealers with Motard products, and other NZ motorcycle links.

Other Motard Sites


Footage of MotoGP's Nicky Hayden and Biaggi hacking

SuperMotard Australia

Extreme Aussie Supermotard

SuperMotech - the delicate sound of Thumpers

SupermotoJunkie - Excellent forum

SuperTT - United States

Supermotoxxx - Another American site

SuperMotard - Denmark (not working at the moment) 

Henkes World of Supermotard


Supermoto UK

Husky Supermotard

Veggie Dave

Tom's Supermotard Garage

Supermotard Garage


Mono Maniacs

KTM Talk Onlione Forum

Motard Manufacturers

Husaberg NZ

Husaberg Sweden - the webmasters choice!


KTM - very orange!

Motard Parts

JSR Australia - Mail order motard parts. Pre-built wheels, Beringer brakes, unbreakable levers, tyre groovers etc. Stop Press - We now have Goldspeed Supermoto tyres available!

Spiegler Germany - Thumb brakes and other cool stuff

Braking - Big brakes. I want a wavy one!

Talon Australia - Pre-built Motard wheels

NZ Motard Dealers

Want to be in here? Send me a link or contact details, with a brief description of what Motard products and services you offer.

Other NZ Motorcycle Sites

Motorcycle Sport New Zealand - The indefatigable Tim Gibbes, and his Suzuki race series, including a SuperMotard class!

Silver-Bullet - Free classified and lot's of local and international news