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Hacking with Toby Summers

Supermoto hotshot Toby Summers was out hooning around on a beaut Sunny day at the Mt Wellington kart track in Auckland so we asked him to give us a run down on how to go about setting up those stylyie Supermoto slides we had been watching.

Summers reckons even though this is a left hander which makes it a little more difficult as you get into the turn, because your rear brake foot has to come up off of the lever as you are leant over. It's still good for getting the slide going. "Because the bike is leant over as you run onto the 'straight' this helps flick the back of the bike out when you grab a handful." he reckons, part of getting the rear end of the bike to drift out is actually how hard you get on the front brake. You do use the rear brake to sustain the 'drift' however. Summers has a slipper clutch (which helps a lot as you don't have to modulate the clutch lever while you're doing everything else) so without using the clutch lever at all it's a case of just banging it down a gear as you apply both brakes.

Where Summers is impressive is that as he runs it into the turn the drift never has him runnning wide. He keeps looking through the turn and then its a seemless transition to getting both wheels in line just as he reaches the apex and is leant right over. Lots of practice helps of course and the kart track is a great spot to do it.

Jon Connor the man that pretty much runs things at Mt Wellington, actually alternates direction in each session so that you don't end up using up only one side of your tyres and get practice hacking in both directions. Briallant! I have to say that most people will find that a more convential turn entry is quicker. If you have the oppurtunity to try the technique give it a go, work at it. It certainly looks good and I'm sure if you can get comfortable with the transition right into the apex you'll both look bloody good and add a useful skill set to your riding.